Prevent Falls. Save Lives. Track objective improvement to put your patients on the fast track to a safe recovery.

Data Driven Approach to Benchmark Performance and Reduce Injuries

Real-time analysis of motion in 3D to identify movement deficiencies, core stability, proprio deficits, jump-hop issues, concussion assessment and sport specific analysis.


Functional Movement Evaluation

Automatically measure and score movement deficiencies using multiple evaluation criteria and identify the risk for injury.

  • Squat

  • Leg Raise

  • Inline Lunge

  • Shoulder Mobility

  • Pushup

  • Hurdle Step

  • Rotary Stability

Establish Baseline and track performance

Cloud based solutions to recommend training to athletes


Identify ACL Injury Risk

Identify athletes at risk for lower extremity injury, chronic ankle instability and ACL deficiency.

Identify at-risk athletes, who can go through appropriate treatment or training to reduce risk of injury.

Jumps ‐ Hops Analysis

  • Height of jump

  • Distance of jump

  • Peak velocity

  • Acceleration

  • Deceleration

  • Left-right symmetry

  • Valgus

  • Varus

  • Take-off velocity

  • Flight time

  • Contact time

  • Peak knee flexion

Balance Error Scoring System

VirtuSports provides clinical tools to assess athletes for concussion with a proven 2 minute test. Establish a baseline for whole team before start of the season and measure each athlete against their own baseline and also compare their scores with normative data for their age groups. Assist clinicians in making return to play decisions following mild head injuries.

Dynamic Sports Technique

Biomechanics Lab in a Bag



  • Hip-drop

  • Hip Asymmetry

  • Femur Flexion/ Extension

  • Stride Length

  • Left/Right Asymmetry

Volleyball Spike

  • Jump height

  • Jump Velocity

  • Arm Flexion/ Extension

  • Peak velocity to max. height

  • Left/Right Asymmetry


  • Hip velocity

  • Shoulder velocity

  • Arm Velocity

  • Stand Distance

  • Stride Length

  • Asymmetry


  • Leg position

  • Jump velocity

  • Shoulder/ Hand position to release

  • Head positon to Basket

  • Follow through

  • Regular and tired Analysis