How Does It Work?


What Are Our Products For?

Many senior falls are preventable by identifying deficits in balance, gait, and function, then strengthening the areas of need. Healthcare professionals use our evidence-based technology to identify these deficits and design a personalized plan of care. This data can be used to establish a baseline and track objective improvements that predict, prevent and protect seniors from falls.


Our Technology and Products 

VST’s solutions are built using time of flight and gradient depth sensors. Our technology stack is built on machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithms that track the movement of people and objects in 3D without any markers. We have developed this core technology into a portfolio of products: VSTBalance, VSTAlert, and VSTPro. All of these systems are portable, can fit in a backpack, and one person can set it up and operate it in a matter of minutes.


Driving Decisions with Data

High-risk patients are identified by leveraging assessment data. Executives use our cloud-based dashboards to manage population health. Patients are empowered by using their smartphones to access their data, viewing their personalized care plan, and tracking their progress.

Quick ROI

Providers who use our products have seen new revenue through reimbursements, reduced falls with injuries, and improved occupancy rates.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

VST products are robust, HIPAA-compliant, and easy to set up. Our Client Success Consultants provide on-site training and ongoing support to ensure that you get the most out of your systems.

Goal-Driven Approach

We will work with you to identify your organization’s goals, design a process, and help you accomplish your goals within the first 90 days.