24/7 AI-Driven Patient Monitoring

VSTAlert is a clinical alert system that monitors a patient’s room 24/7 and even works in the dark. It can identify the difference between a patient shifting in bed versus when they are attempting to leave. VSTAlert is 90% more accurate than traditional bed alarms and can recognize a potential bed or chair exit up to 20 seconds before they occur. By reducing alarm fatigue, nurses can focus more time on patients and less time on managing false alarms.


“What VSTAlert does, in essence, is it gives us time and that’s what we lack because we don’t know at this point that someone has had a fall until they’ve fallen. So to be able to have a minute, a minute and a half, to know that someone is starting the process of getting up that is the tool that we’ve been missing from our tool belt for years and years and years and we finally have that.”

– Anthony Columbatto, Administrator, Village Care Center | John Knox Village

Reduce false alarms by 90%

Allow nurses to focus on patient care instead of unneeded distractions caused by false alarms

24/7 automated monitoring

VSTAlert’s center console allows nurses to check the real-time status of their floor.

Fast Fall Prevention

Identify a potential fall-risk nearly 20 seconds before a fall occurs