How Can We Prevent Falls?

Every year there are 700,000 to 1,000,000 falls in hospital rooms and 4.3 million falls in nursing homes. VSTAlert is a fast and accurate alert system that uses AI to predict bed and chair exits before the event occurs. It also sends alerts directly to the attending nurses’ smartphones, on average, more than 20 seconds faster than existing bed alarms. The system reduces alarm fatigue by more than 90%, allowing nurses to focus on patient care instead of inaccurate distractions.

Why VSTAlert


Fast and Accurate Fall-Risk Detection

VSTAlert notifies nurses faster than bed alarms and e-sitters; Reduce alarm fatigue by more than 90% with an AI engine that sends alerts for attempted bed exits vs. shifting in bed; Focus staff time on patient care instead of inaccurate distractions.


Optimize and Scale Staff Resources

Reduce FTE sitter costs and protect patients with 24/7 automated monitoring; View real-time status of the entire floor including individual rooms via a web-based dashboard; Move VSTAlert units easily between rooms with plug-and-go functionality.


One Platform — Many Benefits

Prioritize rounding to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers based on magnitude and frequency of postural shifts; Integrate with existing EMRs; Provides HIPAA-compliant patient privacy and security

Movable Sensors

VSTAlert units are highly portable and can be moved easily from one room to another. They can be set up and installed in less than a minute.

Reduce False Positives

By using its AI Engine, VSTAlert can differentiate between someone getting up and someone just adjusting or shifting in their bed. This results in over 90% less false alarms.

Protect Patient Privacy

By processing all of the data on an edge computing device in the room, we eliminate the need for transmitting any sensitive IR imagery over the internet.


Fast Fall Prevention

Identify patients getting out of bed an average of 20 seconds ahead of time

24/7 Monitoring

VSTAlert never sleeps. The system can even monitor patients with the lights off

Web Console

Check the status of every room, nurse, and tech on your floor with the system’s web console

VSTAlert App

Nurses receive alerts via smartphone app to ensure quick and efficient delivery

Mobile Platform

A single person can add or remove sensors from any room in a matter of seconds

Reduce Alarm Fatigue

With 90% fewer false alarms, nurses can focus on treating patients

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