A Proactive Approach for Falls

One in four seniors will fall every year. There is an admission into the ED due to a fall every 20 seconds. Unfortunately, seniors are only identified as being at risk after they suffer a fall. VSTBalance changes this by identifying mobility deficits in patients, predict risk and reduce falls. 

In under three minutes, the system objectively assesses balance, gait, and function. Personalized plans are then made for each individual depending on their evaluation. This system also provides highly engaging biofeedback training to help patients improve.

Why VSTBalance


43% Reduction in Falls

Perform a quick screening to identify seniors at risk for falls in hospitals, nursing homes, and other senior living communities. Patients can be routed to the correct treatment before a fall occurs by finding the root causes of falls early on. Our clients have reduced falls with injuries by 43% in six months.


Increase Census

Reduce turnover rates by minimizing falls, accomplished by identifying and addressing the root causes. By sending patients to Prehab, they can get better and live longer. You can also differentiate your services by providing personalized assessments and highly engaging biofeedback games to prospective residents.


ROI in Two Months

Our clients have been able to significantly increase their revenue streams for Med-B therapy and wellness; while at the same time, improving their star ratings and quality scores of their organizations.

Portable Systems

With a system that can fit in a backpack, assessments can be performed in a physician’s office, therapy gym, or can be carried to community screenings.

Objective Outcomes

VSTBalance uses evidence-based tests and delivers consistent results that are compared against population normative data to quantify fall-risk in seniors.

Quick and Easy Reporting

Clinicians can integrate their data with EMRs, patients can access their reports on their mobile phones, and executives can manage population health through the cloud dashboard.


Objective Standardized Tests

mCTSIB, Functional Reach, TUG, Gait Analysis, 5X Sit-to-Stand, Berg Balance, Tinetti, and more

Biofeedback Training

More than 10 training modules for specific muscle groups and cognitive training

Clinical Pathways

Programmable pathways to route patients based on their risk level

VSTWell App

Patients can track progress and view personalized care plans through a smartphone app

Onsite Training

Our CSC’s will train your team in person and provide continued support in accomplishing your goals

Population Health

View the data for your business, locations, and patients in a centralized, cloud-based dashboard.

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