Why VSTPro

VSTPro was initially developed for professional athletes for injury prevention and performance improvement. These concepts have been adapted to industrial athletes and can help businesses prevent workplace injuries from occurring; thus, lowering the costs of injury, keeping the workplace safer, and informing workers on their physical fitness.

VSTPro will automatically select a set of objective assessments that are based on the employee’s ergonomic job profile. Normative data allows the system to identify musculoskeletal deficits and creates clinical pathways such as referrals to physical therapy or wellness to prevent a spinal shot. Industrial athletes can perform their own personalized exercise regimen to warm up before the start of their shift. 


Prevent MSDs

We want to help your employees avoid MSDs and preventable work-related injuries. Our artificial intelligence-driven system helps identify the causes of MSDs so they can be treated before an injury occurs.


Improve Employee Wellness

Take a proactive approach to reduce workplace injuries and safeguard employees by identifying their potential deficits with individual assessments that will not only provide personalized care plans but also help to improve overall fitness and avoid injury.


Use VSTPro for Athletes

VSTPro assists athletic trainers in assessing and preventing sports injuries in athletes. As a result, performance is enhanced and more informed return-to-play decisions can be made. A sports analysis is made in under two minutes; the system will then provide evidence-based treatment that will benefit athletes and help prevent injuries.

Job-Specific Assessments

Our system evaluates workers based on their specific jobs and tasks. With this data, you can provide exercises, therapy, and treatment plans to ensure workplace safety.

Augmented Reality Kiosk

Factory managers can engage employees through interactive testing with augmented reality demonstrating how to perform certain movements.

VSTFit App

Our smartphone app allows your employees to view their customized exercise regimen and track their overall progress. Data from each user’s assessment is accessible by smartphone so interventions may be monitored.


Minimal Footprint

Our Kiosk only needs a 10x10 foot space to operate, allowing it to be used in various locations

Pre-Employment Screening

Screen employees for MSDs and potential for injury before their first day

Identification is Key

Find and improve deficits in employees with objective testing, before an injury occurs

Evidence-Based Care Plan

Personalized care plans are designed to target specific problem areas based on test results

VSTFit App

Access care plans at any time via your smartphone to view recommended exercises and track progress

Return to Work/Play

Make smarter and more accurate decisions about when your employees and athletes should return after an injury

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